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Tuition Fees

No business can run without funding, therefore the following policies have been developed to promote the high quality services, materials, supplies, and well-trained, educated caregivers common to Rising STARS Preschool Financial terms will be finalized upon signing the parent-provider contract.

Child Care Tuition

Tuition payments are used to provide the highest possible quality of care and environment for your child. Tuition is based on the schedule recorded on the Parent/Provider Contract and is due on the  Friday. Payment is considered past due if not paid in full by 5:00 PM Friday of each week; at which time a $25 late tuition fee will be charged weekly until tuition and fees are paid. Late payment of tuition may cause child care services to be suspended without notice until full payment is received. Pre-paid fees including over payments are non-refundable; it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct amount is paid. Tuition may be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. At least two weeks' notice will be given before a rate increase is put into effect.

Child Care Assistance Payments

We are more than happy to work with parents receiving assistance from the Department of Economic Services. If you are receiving DES assistance you are responsible for co-payments and any other payments or fees not covered by DES. In addition if your child is absent from care it is your responsibility  to arrange for payment to continue. We also accept First things First scholarships spaces are limited.

Tuition for Child Care

Rising Stars Preschool is a state licensed family child care program that has been providing quality Early Childhood Program in Chandler Az, since 1996. We strive to provide a warm and caring atmosphere for each child, and to build a strong relationship with their families.

Prices for Child Care are Based on Your Schedule

Weekly tuition is used to provide the highest possible quality of care for your child. Prices for early childhood program are based on the schedule recorded in the Parent/Provider Contract. Please see the scheduling section of our policies for a full description of the flexible scheduling choices we offer. Due to our concern for your child's well-being, no child may be enrolled for less than one hour per day or in care for more than ten hours per day.

Full Time: Twenty-five or more hours and/or four to five days per week.



Sign a contract in the month of February and get $40.00 off in March.


Age GroupFull Time Care  
2-5 years





Tuition is non-negotiable.

Our prices for child care include delicious, nutritious meals and snacks. We serve fresh, healthy foods including in-season produce and organic products whenever possible.  Your child will be provided breakfast, lunch and at least one snack, all at no extra charge to you! Check out our menu to see the yummy foods we offer. For more information about the other ways we promote your child's health through healthy eating.

Laundering of nap bedding is also included in the prices for child care. According to licensing regulations, we provide your child with a porta-crib with sheet or nap mat and pillow with sheet, blanket, and pillowcase which are to be laundered weekly. Many child care programs send childrens' bedding home every Friday for parents to launder over the weekend. We know how busy your weekends are so we offer this service at no extra charge to you! In addition, if you choose to bring a special blanket from home we will launder it along with your child's other bedding.

Prices for early childhood program include learning activities, supplies, and materials. Some early childhood programs purchase mass-produced curriculum plans and charge parents a monthly fee to cover the cost. Our program implements an emergent curriculum which focuses on the needs and interests of each child and is included in the prices for early childhood program. Although we may ask for donations of common household items such as paper towel rolls, tissue boxes, collage materials and the like, we never charge a fee for curriculum materials!

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